Bluetooth 8 Channel DJ Mixing Board Soundcraft Studio Master Audio Mini Mixer De Audio Home Party Audio Mixer



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Hot DT8 Profecional Blue Tooth 8 Channel DJ Mixing Board Soundcraft Studio Master Audio Mini Mixer De Audio Home Party Audio Mixer
for DJ
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  • Feature:

1. Blue tooth playback function, USB playback function, playback display, damping fader, built-in noise reduction chip, monitor ear return function 
2. 8 channels mono input, high quality microphone loudspeaker 
3. 48V phantom power supply 
4. 3 frequency inputs
5. High-precision 2 channel level display 
6. 60mm high analysis durable pusher 
7. Built in Digital Effect Processor 
8. Microphone Output Monitoring 
9. USB Input, Stereo Output

Product Usage

    • Product usage introduction

1.Professional 3 Stage Balanced Adjustment: More accurate adjustment and more comfortable operation. 

2. 8 Channel Audio Input Interface: Multiple microphones are input separately, making adjustment easier and more effective. 
3. Volume Adjustment More Accurate: Professional volume faders make your adjustment more convenient. 
4. MP3 Playback Function: Supports USB disk to play music, and has selection function, which makes your use more convenient and adjustment more professional. 
5. Wide Range of Functions: Built in digital reverberation effect, MP3 liquid crystal display, USB playback support, 48V phantom power supply. 
6. Specially Customized for Bar Performance: 8 channels of mono, 3 segments of balance, damping fader, making your adjustment more professional and sound quality more exquisite

Technical Parameter

1. Output Level: 19dBm (1KHz, THD=0.5%) 2. Residual Noise: -105dB 3. SNR: ≤ 80dB 4. Input EMF of Equivalent Noise Source: -115dBm 5. Headset Output Power: 100mw (1KHz, THD=0.5%, 200Ω) 6. Equilibrium: Low Frequency: 80Hz ±15dB 7. Intermediate Frequency: 2.5KHz±15dB 8. High Frequency: 12KHz ±15dB 9. Gain Control: Mono -60dB~-40dB 10. Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (3dB) 11. Total Harmonic Distortion+Noise: ≤0.003% (1KHz, 0.775V)


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