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pos system:

  1. 15-inch LED Display protect waterproff dust-proof
  2. Capacitive touch screen
  3. With 32G SSD  high-speed HDD
  4. With DDR 3 2G Money
  5. SupportUSB, LAN, COM, PS/2, LPT, VGA interface
  6. With default trial windows7 system
  7. 12.5inch display screen
  8. Support to Run any restarant Softeare
  9. Run Fast, Stable, Durable
  10. High Quality ABS Strengthen Display shells
  11. New import LCD Display, the display color full, natural colors
  12. Taiwan 5-Wire resistive touch screen

80mm thermal printer:


  1. 220 mm / second ultra high-speed printing, improve the printing efficiency;
  2. Support 80MM large diameter roll;
  3. Using 100M Ethernet card, connect printer faster,
  4. Recover printing after netwok disconnection;
  5. 2048K super input buffer;
  6. Support LOGO Graphical download and print;
  7. Support 1D,2D bar code printing;
  8. Support black mark orientation and re-print;
  9. GB18030 Large font;
  10. Support Multi language printing
  11. Compatible with ESC/POS print instruction mode;
  12. Support Windows,Linux,Android and IOS system printing;

barcode scanner:

  1. Symbologies: 1D codes      
  2. Depth of field: 100-500mm 
  3. Resolution: 0.1mm (3.5 mil)
  4. Decode Speed:100times/ sec.
  5. Scanning Method: Manual
  6. Bite Error Rate: 1/5 million      
  7. Cable: USB 
  8. IP Rating: IP52 

cash drawer:

  1. carton size:455(W)*470(L)*160(H)mm                                                                              
  2. color: black                                                                                          
  3. G.W:6.5KG 3.jpg4.jpg6.jpg7.jpg
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1024 X 768


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