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Good C5 USB plug and play Web Camera


Good C5 USB plug and play Web Camera

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A web camera, or web cam, is a device that captures video and audio and transmits it over the internet. Web cams can be built into laptops, monitors, or external devices, and are commonly used for video conferencing, online gaming, streaming, and social media. Web cams typically use a small, built-in camera to capture video, and a microphone to capture audio. They are often equipped with a small LED light that indicates when the camera is in use. Some web cams also include additional features like pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. Web cams can be connected to a computer via USB, and are typically compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Most webcams are plug-and-play devices, meaning that they are easy to set up and use without the need for additional software or drivers. One of the most common uses for web cams is video conferencing. With a web cam, you can connect with colleagues, clients, or customers from anywhere in the world. This can be especially important for remote workers who need to collaborate with others, or for businesses that want to cut down on travel expenses. Web cams are also popular among gamers, who use them to stream their gameplay online. Streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube allow gamers to share their gameplay with others, and web cams make it possible for viewers to see the player’s reactions and hear their commentary in real-time. In addition to video conferencing and gaming, web cams are also used for a variety of other purposes. They can be used for online dating, language exchange, and even virtual tourism. With a web cam, you can explore new places and cultures from the comfort of your own home. In conclusion, web cams are an essential tool for modern communication and entertainment. Whether you’re using them for work or personal reasons, they allow you to connect with others in a meaningful way, regardless of your location. With their plug-and-play simplicity and wide range of features, web cams are an affordable and convenient way to stay connected in the digital age.

Products Description
Product name
New Arrival 2K Auto Focus Full HD USB Webcam Camera For Computer Live Broadcast Video Calling
Focusing distance
View angle
D 107°H 89°V 48°
Optical structure
Focus range
Frame rate
Driver type
Drive-free (plug and play)
USB line length
Voltage range
Photo format
Output format
Interface type
Record format
Built-in noise reduction microphone
Product size
Support system
Win7,Win8,Win10 and the other mainstream windows operating systems,and the Mac OS,Vista,Linux operating system
1. Auto focus, clear output;

2. Full HD 2K output with extremely high color reproduction;

3. Wide-angle without distortion, the horizontal angle can reach 90 °;

4. Built-in microphone, pickup distance can reach 3-5 meters;

5. USB driver-free, plug and play, high compatibility;

6. Suitable for video conference, webcast, video call, etc.

HD 2K Video Webcam

PC webcam is equipped with Full HD true 4K resolution. Adopting the advanced H.264 compression
technology, this web camera delivers a crystal clear image at 30 frames per second the best look of you all the time.

Plug and Play & Rotatable Bracket

Easy to be set up, this USB computer webcam can just plug and play video within 5 minutes, without installing any extra softwares or drivers. It’s compatible with USB 2.0. With the help of rotatable clip, it allows you to
mount it on any device like laptop, tripod, desktop, computers, LCD screen and even just put it on a desk.

Stereo Hi-Fi Microphone with Noise Reduction

Built-in stereo microphone offers a super clear communication during video time, available to capture audio within 20 feet with no problem. The microphone is designed with echo and noise cancellation feature, which allows the communication to be clear enough, feeling like you are talking to someone face to face.
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Effective MegaPixel

About 4MP


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