XIAOMI WIFI ROUTER AX6000 6000Mbs 6-channel Independent Signal Amplifier Wireless Repeater



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Xiaomi wifi router

Thank you for viewing our xiaomi wifi router. This device is good for anyone that is looking to extend their WIFI network over a wide area using mesh networking. Mesh networking is a method if networking that us used to pair other devices over a wide area so as you cross between rooms so you don’t have issues with the WIFI signal dropping when it switches to other routers in other parts of the area. This product comes with 6 high gain antennas. With this device you can have 248 devices online at the same time. You can also manage this device with the Mijia app.

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Products Description

Xiaomi AX6000 WiFi Router 6000Mbs 6-channel Independent Signal Amplifier Wireless Router Repeater with 7 Antennas, US Plug(Black)

1. Processor: Qm IPQ5018
2. Network acceleration engine: 1.0GHz NPU
3. Memory: 512MB
4. 2.4G Wi-Fi2*2 (support IEEE 802.11ax protocol, theoretical rate can reach 574Mbps)
5. 5G Wi-Fi4*4 (support IEEE 802.11ax protocol, theoretical rate can reach 4804Mbps)
6. Product antenna: 6 external high-gain antennas + 1 external AIoT antenna
7. Whole machine interface; 1 10/100/1000/2500M adaptive WAN/LAN port (auto MDI/MDIX), 1 10/100/1000M adaptive WAN/LAN port (auto
MDI/MDIX), 2 10/100/1000M adaptive LAN port (auto MDI/MDIX), 7 LED indicators (system indicator *1, Internet indicator *1, network
port indicator *4, AIoT status indicator *1)
8. System reset/mesh network button: 1
9. Power input interface: 1
10. There are cooling holes on the top, sides and bottom of the fuselage, forming a fast circulating heat dissipation channel
11. Independent AloT antenna, smart discovery device, one-click network configuration
12. The powerful combination of MU-MIMO and OFDMA allows up to 16 devices to be sent in one transmission
Please note:6000M is the wireless rate specification level of the router, including 2.4G frequency band rate of 574Mbps, 5G
frequency band rate of 4804Mbps, and AIoT antenna rate of 583Mbps.
Details Images
Illustration of the routers bandwidth capability
Image of the front facing router illustrating the speed of the router
Inage of the router illustrating the high speed network ports.
Image of the router explains mesh networking
Image of the wide area capabilities of the router
Graphic illustrating the mesh networking capabilities
Image showcasing the routers processor.

Image showcasing the routers memory compacity

mage illustrating the routers cooling system.
Image of mobile app


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