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Bluetooth 8 Channel DJ Mixing Board Soundcraft Studio Master Audio Mini Mixer De Audio Home Party Audio Mixer


Bluetooth 8 Channel DJ Mixing Board Soundcraft Studio Master Audio Mini Mixer De Audio Home Party Audio Mixer

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An audio mixer with Bluetooth output is a device that allows you to mix different audio sources and output them to a Bluetooth-enabled speaker or headphones wirelessly. This type of mixer is ideal for DJs, musicians, and podcasters who want to have more control over their audio output and flexibility in terms of where they can broadcast their audio. An audio mixer with Bluetooth output typically has multiple input channels, which can be connected to different audio sources such as microphones, instruments, and audio players. The mixer then allows you to adjust the levels, tone, and effects of each channel separately, giving you more control over the final sound output. This is especially useful for live performances or podcasts, where you need to balance multiple audio sources and create a cohesive sound. The Bluetooth output feature of the mixer allows you to wirelessly connect to a Bluetooth-enabled speaker or headphones, eliminating the need for a physical connection. This is particularly useful for mobile DJs or musicians who need to move around during their performance without worrying about tripping over wires or accidentally unplugging their equipment. Additionally, having a Bluetooth output means that you can broadcast your audio to multiple speakers or headphones simultaneously, which is great for larger audiences or live events. There are many different types of audio mixers with Bluetooth output available on the market, ranging from simple two-channel mixers to more advanced models with multiple channels, built-in effects, and even recording capabilities. The size and complexity of the mixer you choose will depend on your specific needs and budget. Overall, an audio mixer with Bluetooth output is a versatile and convenient tool for anyone who wants to have more control over their audio output and broadcast it wirelessly to a Bluetooth-enabled speaker or headphones. Whether you’re a DJ, musician, or podcaster, this

Product Description
Product Name
Hot DT8 Profecional Blue Tooth 8 Channel DJ Mixing Board Soundcraft Studio Master Audio Mini Mixer De Audio Home Party Audio Mixer
for DJ
box package

  • Feature:

1. Blue tooth playback function, USB playback function, playback display, damping fader, built-in noise reduction chip, monitor ear return function 
2. 8 channels mono input, high quality microphone loudspeaker 
3. 48V phantom power supply 
4. 3 frequency inputs
5. High-precision 2 channel level display 
6. 60mm high analysis durable pusher 
7. Built in Digital Effect Processor 
8. Microphone Output Monitoring 
9. USB Input, Stereo Output
Product Usage

    • Product usage introduction


1.Professional 3 Stage Balanced Adjustment: More accurate adjustment and more comfortable operation. 

2. 8 Channel Audio Input Interface: Multiple microphones are input separately, making adjustment easier and more effective. 
3. Volume Adjustment More Accurate: Professional volume faders make your adjustment more convenient. 
4. MP3 Playback Function: Supports USB disk to play music, and has selection function, which makes your use more convenient and adjustment more professional. 
5. Wide Range of Functions: Built in digital reverberation effect, MP3 liquid crystal display, USB playback support, 48V phantom power supply. 
6. Specially Customized for Bar Performance: 8 channels of mono, 3 segments of balance, damping fader, making your adjustment more professional and sound quality more exquisite

Technical Parameter

1. Output Level: 19dBm (1KHz, THD=0.5%) 2. Residual Noise: -105dB 3. SNR: ≤ 80dB 4. Input EMF of Equivalent Noise Source: -115dBm 5. Headset Output Power: 100mw (1KHz, THD=0.5%, 200Ω) 6. Equilibrium: Low Frequency: 80Hz ±15dB 7. Intermediate Frequency: 2.5KHz±15dB 8. High Frequency: 12KHz ±15dB 9. Gain Control: Mono -60dB~-40dB 10. Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (3dB) 11. Total Harmonic Distortion+Noise: ≤0.003% (1KHz, 0.775V)

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