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An audio mixer, also known as a mixing console or soundboard, is a device used to combine multiple audio signals into a single output. It is a crucial tool in the world of audio production, used in a wide range of settings from live performances to recording studios. In this article, we will explore the basics of what an audio mixer is and how it works.

At its most basic level, an audio mixer is a device with multiple inputs and outputs. Each input can be adjusted independently, allowing the user to control the volume, tone, and other aspects of each audio source. These inputs can come from a variety of sources, such as microphones, instruments, and playback devices. The output of the mixer is a combined signal that can be sent to speakers, recording equipment, or other devices.

One of the key features of an audio mixer is its ability to adjust the levels of each input. This allows the user to balance the different audio sources to create a cohesive sound. For example, in a live performance, the mixer operator can adjust the levels of the vocals, instruments, and backing tracks to create a well-balanced mix that sounds good to the audience.

Another important feature of an audio mixer is its equalizer, or EQ. This allows the user to adjust the frequency response of each input, which can affect the overall tone of the mix. For example, a user might boost the bass on a kick drum or reduce the high frequencies on a harsh-sounding guitar.

In addition to these basic features, audio mixers can also have a variety of other controls and features. Some mixers include built-in effects processors, such as reverb or delay, which can be applied to individual inputs or the entire mix. Others may have advanced routing capabilities, allowing the user to send audio to multiple outputs or even to other devices over a network.

In conclusion, an audio mixer is a powerful tool used to combine and control multiple audio sources. With its ability to adjust levels, EQ, and other parameters, it allows the user to create a well-balanced and professional sounding mix. Whether you’re a musician, sound engineer, or just a music lover, understanding the basics of audio mixers can help you appreciate the art and science of audio production.

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Product Description


Product details

Input channel 8channels
integrated delay effects 16
Supply voltage Phantom + 48 V
Type MP3
power supply AC100-240V AC
Material Metal+plastic
Keyword american audio dj mixer
Package yes
OEM yes

– USB plug and play
– Lightweight and portable
– Each mono with 3-band equalization
– 6 kinds of music modes

Maximum input level of the microphone: +24dBu
Line maximum input level: +24dBu
Maximum output level: XLR card + 26dBu
Main level meter: 10-segment LED, -24dB to CLIP
Frequency response: 20Hz-30Khz±0.5dB
Maximum power input power: 15W
Total chopping distortion (RHD+N): <0.01%
Crosstalk (1kHz): fader off >85dB channel >82dB
Noise (22Hz-22KHz): Equivalent input noise -122dBu Remaining output noise <-90dBu
Mono/stereo channel EQ: high frequency +/-15dB, 12KHz low frequency +/-15dB, 80KHz high IF +/-15dB, 2.5KHz
2-track return: RCA l otus seat, unbalanced, 4K ohm, -2dBu
2-track transmission: RCA l otus seat, unbalanced, <75 ohm, -2dBu
L/R output: XLR, balanced, tip hot end, <75 ohm, +4dBu, max +22dBu
FX/AUX output: TRS, unbalanced, tip hot end, <75 ohm, -2dBu, max +18dBu
Headphones: TRS, Tip L, Ring R, Recommended 30 to 600 ohm headphones
Size: 342mm*340mm*37mm

Package includes
1x Professional mixer


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