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ECG E88 Smart Watch Blood Oxygen Body Temperature Wireless Charging 360*360 HD Screen


ECG E88 Smart Watch Blood Oxygen Body Temperature Wireless Charging 360*360 HD Screen

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Sim Card Watch: DZ09 A1 Q18 Z60 X6 GT08 V9 X7 X3

Kids Watch: Q50 Q90 Q100 G900A G75 HW8

Android Watch: KW88 KW98 KW99 S99C I4Air QW09 QW08 Z01

Main Features:


Main Feature:

wireless charging

Ultra-low power Realtek 8762DW

1.32-inch high-resolution 360*360 screen

ECG function

AI medical diagnosis

Body temperature monitoring

Blood oxygen monitoring

Heart Rate monotor

Respiration rate

IP68 Waterproof

BT 5.0

Exercise function: counting stepscaloriesdistance, multiple exercise modes.

Health functions such as heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring, etc. Remote care for relatives and friends, environmental protection TPU leather strap, wearable hardware+smart APP+ big data cloud service, and data control, display and record through APP.

Long battery life standby. Multi-dial switching

Other Functions

Step counting, calories, distance, sleep monitoring, exercise patterns,Call reminder, alarm clock reminder, raise your hand and brighten the screen, and share socially(WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter), etc. Shake and take pictures


Watch languages: Chinese, English, Traditional, Japanese, French, German, Italy, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Malay, Korean, Poland


APP languages: Chinese, traditional, English, Japanese, german, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Czech, Greek, polish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Danish, Finnish, Arabic, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Farsi, Irish, Slovak, Norwegian, Korean, croatian, Swedish


Additional information


Brown, Black leather, black


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